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'Glimpse of Imagination'

The Novelists and Illustrator’s club from DeviantArt!


0 Does everything need to be on DeviantArt?

No, you don’t have to post everything at DeviantArt. You can have your own website that hosts everything or have nothing online (which is often the case with novelists). However, at least something of it has to be on your DeviantArt-account, like the cover of your manga, a teaser or scene of your book, images of your characters…


0 How to join

When you want to join, send one of the club owners a Note, stating you wish to join and what your story is about (Novel, Manga, Picture book and a Synopsis/Summary). Please, also link to examples so we can judge your work (the full story is not obligated). We do not look for amazingly beautiful work, but work that shows dedication and effort.
If you send a note to this club, it will not be accepted as a ‘join-request’.


0 Who are allowed the join?

The following people are allowed to join:

- Authors of novels or short stories; whether it being fiction or non-fiction
- Authors of comic books/manga (stories)
- Illustrators of books; including comic book/manga artists

Your story or artwork has to be original; fan-fiction and fan-art is not allowed. We focus on people with original work only. Your goal is that your work is one day published, whether it being in print format, or by e-book.

Note: If your story is purely done as a hobby, you are welcome to join as well. A work of hobby can be good as well.


0 What kind of work is not allowed?

- Stories that revolve around:
o Sex/Hentai/Pornography
o Mutilation/Gore
o Note: if a story has an occasional scene about love or a fight, it is allowed. The scene has to be ‘functional’. For example: a hentai manga is (usually) primary about sex and not allowed, while a story that mentions a passionate night, without being explicit, is allowed.

- Stories that include themes that encourages/promotes/advocates:
o Racism/Discrimination (in any kind or in any form)
o Prostitution/Pornography/Sex
o Slavery and disrespect (in any kind or in any form)
o Gambling
o Abuse of men, women or child (in any kind or any form)
o (Excessive) Violence
o Suicide, murder or any other form of death
o Mutilation
o Note: a story can hold one of these themes and be allowed; as long as it doesn’t promote/encourage the act. For example: a historical story about slave traders is allowed, but a story that promotes that all [insert group of people of choice] deserve to die is not.  

The story will be judged by the owners of the club or their staff and their word is final. When you are in doubt, please Note one of them before submitting. If your story is declined, we’ll inform you why it was declined.

If we find out you have broken one of the rules, you’ll either get a warning (minor facts) or be removed from the clublist as a whole. Severe rule breaking includes being banned from this page as a whole.


0 How to become a staff member

Even though we try, it’s impossible for us to judge all the stories and art by ourselves. We could use some help judging the stories and art. If you’d like to help, please send one of the Club owners a note, telling us how you think you can assist us, as well as your availability (once a week, once a month…).


0 Can I still join this club if I don’t write/draw a story?

If you don’t write or draw stories, it’s unfortunately not possible to become a contributor. You are, however, free to put this club on your watch-list or become a member (supporter) so you’ll be informed whenever there is a new submission or journal.


0 What do we expect in return?

When you’ve become a member, we expect you to place our club’s icon :*iconglimpseoi*: (remove the stars) on your front page; for example within a journal.
We also expect you to be serious about your story. It has to show effort and dedication. If a story gets cancelled for whatever reason, please notify one of the club owners, so we can remove your ‘advertisements’.