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'Glimpse of Imagination'

The Novelists and Illustrator’s club from DeviantArt!


0 What is our goal and for who is this club?

Our wish is to unite all novelists and illustrators that are on DeviantArt, whether they write children’s books or draw comics about paper napkins. By combining our efforts, we hope that these authors and artists will get the attention they deserve.

This club is for anyone who dreams of having their original work published. Unfortunately, this means fan-artists and fan-writers can’t join.

We expect a certain level of dedication and effort/quality from our club members. We are not looking for dazzling comics; a 300 page comic about a stick figure can show a lot more effort and dedication than a single beautiful drawing of a story that gets cancelled after that same page.


0 What is in it for you?

If you join this club, you may submit ‘advertisements’. This can mean you draw a picture of your characters promoting your story, but it can also mean a teaser for your story. This will be included in our gallery so that all the watchers will be notified. This submission can be an advertisement telling the watchers your novel has been published, or an advertisement you posted new pages for your online comic. Try not to ‘abuse’ this ‘system’, though. If people like your work, they’ll probably put you on their Watch-list anyway. Our guideline is one submission a week.

Also, if you are a novelist and you are looking for an illustrator for your cover, you can submit a ‘Wanted’-advertisement. And if you are a comic-artist but can’t write stories (or need someone to judge your work), this is also the place to be!


0 Does everything need to be on DeviantArt?

No, you don’t have to post everything at DeviantArt. You can have your own website that hosts everything or have nothing online (which is often the case with novelists). However, at least something of it has to be on your DeviantArt-account, like the cover of your manga, a teaser or scene of your book, images of your characters…